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Mobile Kids Study: Topic List

(Based on Questionnaire for Parents of Kids Ages 3-18)

Childrens’ use of mobile technologies

  • Family device ownership and usage by age (13 types tested)
  • Frequency of use by type of device
  • What devices are required by schools?
  • Purchasing power of mobile devices; how used to purchase apps, digital content and online shopping
  • Usage rules and restrictions imposed by parents and schools
  • Family policies about downloads and in-app purchases
  • Use of parental controls for purchases and service

Content and Applications

  • What types of applications are being used and how frequently (over 35 tested)?
  • What life skills are best suited to be learned on mobile devices?
  • Specific topics best suited for mobile learning (over 15 tested)
  • Specific social and educational networking sites used
  • Who downloads content and apps?
  • Educational value of apps used by children

Parents’ attitudes and expectations

  • What types of devices are the most helpful for learning?
  • How are portable computers (Netbooks, Notebooks and Ultrabooks) viewed by parents vs. portable device?
  • Would parents rather buy a portable device or tablet for their child?
  • Educational value of mobile devices
  • Security of devices used at school
  • How to find apps and content
  • What schools should require
  • Effects on learning
  • Using mobile devices for personal safety
  • Benefits of digital books
  • Willingness to purchase
  • Schools subsidizing costs of devices and internet services
  • Parents’ educational aspirations for learning on mobile devices
  • Communication with their child

School Policies

  • Use of mobile devices in classrooms
  • Who owns these devices?
  • Who pays for mobile devices used at school?
  • Which devices are required by schools and for what grade of student?

Home technology

  • Types of Internet connection used by children
  • Types of Internet provider used at home
  • Ownership of mobile and other computing devices

Potential Crosstabs

We expect to be able to provide data based on the following family parameters

  • Age of child
  • Gender of child
  • Family income
  • Ethnicity
  • Geographic region
  • Parental education level
  • Early adopter status
  • Level of influence on others
  • Child use (level) of specific mobile devices
  • Grade levels
  • Types of schools
  • And more