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Children, Families and the Internet

Table of Contents

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Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Household Computer and Internet Characteristics
Summary of Findings
1a Growth in Household Computer Ownership
1b Number of Computers per Household
1c Children’s Computer Use, Main Uses
1d Growth in Internet Use by Households, Parents
1e Growth in Internet Use by Children
1f Types of Household Internet Access
1g Household Phone Line Concentrations
1h Key Business Implications
Chapter 2: What Children Do Online From Home
Summary of Findings
2a Frequency and Duration of Use
2b General Online Activities
2c Specific Online Activities
2d Personal Websites
2e Using the Internet with Others
2f Attitudes about/Changes in Home Time Online
2g Key Business Implications
Chapter 3: What Children Like and How They Find It
Summary of Findings
3a Number of Websites Visited
3b Propensities to Visit New Sites
3c Learning about New Websites
3d Favorite Site Types, Favorite Sites
3e Reach of Major Sites and Site Families
3f Website Features Liked and Disliked
3g Feature Desires / Reality Disconnects
3h Dynamics of Child-to-Child Viral Marketing
3i Key Business Implications
Chapter 4: The Parental Role in Children’s Online Use
Summary of Findings
4a Parents’ Time Online, Online Activities
4b Parental Presence, Keyboard Control
4c Parents’ Knowledge about What Children Do Online
4d Parental Influence
4e Parents’ Satisfaction with Their Child’s Online Use
4f Parental Concerns, Restrictions, View of Their Role
4g Reasons Parents Recommend Sites, Top Turnoffs
4h Parents, Children Attitudes about Parental Involvement
4i Key Business Implications
Chapter 5: What Children Do Online at School
Summary of Findings
5a Frequency and Duration of Use
5b Internet Access Locations at School
5c Connection Speed
5d Type of Computer Used
5e Subjects for which Children Use the Internet in School
5f Websites Children Visit in School
5g Filtering Software
5h Evaluation of Teacher Knowledge and School Applications
5i Satisfaction with School Internet Use
5j Key Business Implications
Chapter 6: The School-Home Connection
Summary of Findings
6a School Impacts on General Home Internet, Technology Use
6b School-Related Online Activities at Home
6c Internet Homework Subjects, Impact on Homework
6d School Websites
6e The Home to School Connection
6f Key Business Implications
Chapter 7: Digital Games and Music
Summary of Findings
7a Game Systems Used and Frequency
7b Online Games Played and Frequency
7c Game Features Liked and Disliked
7d Technographics and Psychographics of Heavy Video Game Users
7e Kinds of Music Listened To
7f Music-Related Online Activities
7g MP3 Player Ownership and Use
7h Music Website Features
7i Key Business Implications
Chapter 8: Business Models and E-Commerce
Summary of Findings
8a Parent Product Searching Online
8b Parent Product Purchasing
8c Online Product Searching and Purchasing by Children
8d Search to Purchase Conversion
8e Premium Services
8f Online Sponsorships, Advertising
8g Key Business Implications
Chapter 9: Television and Other Online/Offline Connections
Summary of Findings
9a Trade-offs between Internet Use and Other Activities
9b Connections between Internet Use and Other Activities
9c Multi-tasking
9d Viewing Habits and Online Activities
9e Heavy Users, Heavy Viewers, Connected Users/Viewers
9f Regional Technology Attitudes and Use
9g Population Density and Technology
9h Key Business Implications
Chapter 10: Impact of Broadband
Summary of Findings
10a The Demographics of Broadband Access
10b What Motivations Families to Get Broadband
10c Broadband's Effects on Online Activities
10d Broadband's Impact on Offline Activities
10e Psychographics of Broadband Users
10f Future Intent and Motivations to Use Broadband at Home
10g Key Business Implications
Chapter 11: New Technologies, Influencers and the Future
Summary of Findings
11a Wireless Handhelds
11b Digicams, Burners, and Other Devices
11c Influencers: Who They Are, What They Want
11d Influencers: How to Reach Them
11e Aspirations
11f Interest in New Concepts
11g Key Business Implications
11h Projections


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