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Business Development

We assist clients in creating business relationships with other companies and/or organizations. Our services include consulting support as well as sophisticated market research tools that help our clients select and negotiate with appropriate partners. Our work includes everything from identifying potential partners and screening candidates, to suggesting deal points and participating in discussions as appropriate. Clients have included the largest companies and organizations in the consumer and education markets.

Strategic Counsel

Our extensive industry background – combined with P&L experience – allows us to work directly with executive-level decision makers. Almost all of our client engagements include some element of this strategic work.

Alliances, Coalitions and Advisory Groups

We’ve helped clients obtain industry endorsements, create advisory boards and alliances, and manage stakeholder relationships with key communities, education organizations, information companies, entertainment producers, and thought leaders. Our team members have worked with all the Regional Bell Operating Companies in creating successful coalitions with leading education associations, information provider companies, and others. In fact, our team members built the original relationships between the Regional Bell Companies and leading educational associations, and we have performed the same function for many technology companies since then. Grunwald team members helped build and run Access 2000, a coalition of independent entertainment producers; we did much the same work with the Alliance for Public Technology.

Our work building alliances and coalitions includes identifying potential partners and screening candidates, suggesting deal points and participating in discussions as appropriate. Clients have included the Regional Bell Operating Companies, Fleet Financial Group, Family Education Network, and other local and national companies.

Online Product Development

Our web development work focuses on viral marketing, online community development, creative differentiation, and production challenges such as site focus, design, management, and growth path creation. Complementing the unique insights provided by our research is the experience of our team, which is led by Tom de Boor, who was founder of AOL’s education, parenting and kids channels. Products he has worked on subsequently have won eight Webbys, a Parent’s Choice citation, an NEA Special Achievement Award, and numerous other industry awards.