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About Us

Our work includes market research, communications/engagement and strategic consulting. Clients use us to address both strategic and tactical challenges including thought leadership, competitive intelligence, market segmentation, brand positioning, product configuration, price optimization, and strategy. Few other companies offer our combination of sophisticated tools and understanding of the interplay between the consumer, technology, and education markets. And our work is informed by real-world experience—all of our key team members have had operational responsibility including P&L. We also work hand-in-hand with clients to help them implement the insights of our research, including business development, marketing, and product development.

Grunwald Associates LLC began as a strategic consulting firm, leveraging our experience and background in media and technology to help clients address their most challenging business issues. Through our consulting work, we identified a striking need for high quality, methodologically sound market research in the areas of youth/families, education and technology, so we expanded our capabilities and began providing the research ourselves.

Today, Grunwald Associates produces some of the most respected industry research on families, education and new media. We continue to provide business development, public relations and strategic consulting for our clients. All of our work benefits from our unique combination of an operational perspective and cross-industry expertise. Find out more about the Grunwald Advantage.

Custom Research

Grunwald Associates provides custom market research to a wide variety of clients as they make critical business decisions. We have extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies as well as advanced analytical techniques that provide guidance on brand positioning, product development, pricing, corporate communications and the competition.


We leverage our expertise to generate millions of media impressions and reach key opinion leaders on behalf of our underwriters. Our industry surveys allow underwriters to “cut through the noise” with strategic messaging and reinforce their positioning via association with high quality public research. Our studies have consistently generated extraordinary media notice and have greatly influenced public discussion on the use of media by youth, families and education. Our reputation for integrity has earned the trust of public broadcasting, key national education associations and industry leaders. We also create effective alliances and generate testimonials for our clients.

Online Communities

We work with corporate and public sector clients to create and manage vibrant online communities. We can help you determine the right role for online communities and networks in your organization, and we can build, recruit, and grow them across platforms.

Other Services

We provide advisory services to clients on strategy and the competitive landscape. And we frequently leverage our industry relationships and experience to assist clients in their business development activities. In addition, we help clients put our research result and insights to work by developing innovative online services. Examples include: creating viral marketing to reach kid and family “influencers,” developing educational elements for consumer offerings, and creating new marketing messages to reach school decision makers.

Industry Surveys

Grunwald Associates produces the most respected research reports on youth, families, education and media. Our studies are based on solid methodology using large representative samples. Our reports include extensive analysis from a team of experienced industry specialists who have had responsibility for developing and marketing Internet products.