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Music Education Market Research Study

Music Education is in flux and views of parents and teachers are increasingly important

Music Education Study - Grunwald AssociatesHow will your business respond to new trends in music education? Learn about music education practices, and parent / teacher perceptions of the benefits of music education. Find out what families and teachers need and want in reference to music education.

This groundbreaking study is based on a survey conducted with support from the National Association of Music Merchants, using nationally representative samples of 1,000 teachers, and 800 parents.

Key strategic questions addressed in this study include:

  • Funding for music education
  • Quality perceptions of music education
  • Key elements that drive perceptions of quality music education
  • Music education as a core subject
  • Message points for promoting music education, including benefits
  • Finding and mobilizing supporters of music education

Learn which market segments will be most receptive to your messaging

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Corporate license packages include:

  • Presentation-style report with analysis of greatest interest to business (70 pages)
  • Detailed survey cross-tabs (more than 2,000 pages of data)
  • Private briefings, unlimited group licenses and raw data are also available for an additional fee

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