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Mobile Kids Study

More than ever before, kids are using mobile devices home and at school.

Find out what this means for your business in our Mobile Kids Study. Get valuable insights on student uses, parent perceptions and family requirements for mobile technology in school and at home.

This groundbreaking study is based on a survey conducted with support from AT&T, using a nationally representative sample of approximately 1,000 families. It examines parents’ perceptions of how preschoolers through high school students are using mobile devices and applications for learning from home and at school.

Key strategic questions addressed in this study include:

  • What types of devices are kids using and what is required by their schools?
  • What types of applications and features compel students to use mobile devices frequently?
  • How are kids getting free or paid content on their mobile devices?
  • What platform and apps do parents think is best for their child’s learning?
  • How are mobile devices for school affecting Student work at home?
  • What do parents think about mobile devices, including safety, responsibility and who pays?

Corporate Licenses are Now Available

“Deep dive” into the findings from our mobile survey.

Corporate License Packages Include:

  • Executive audio briefing to explore the impact of mobile learning on your business
  • Presentation-style report with actionable recommendations (100+ pages)
  • Detailed survey cross-tabs (1,000 pages of data)
  • Private briefings, unlimited group license pricing and raw data are also available

Startup and Non-Profit Data Licenses are Also Available

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