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Schools and the Internet

In this new report, you’ll learn what’s driving today’s tough decisions in U.S. schools. The survey report identifies technology buyers’ detailed needs, plans and attitudes, including usable strategic recommendations based on the findings in each chapter. You’ll also be able to target your sales and marketing efforts with our unique district profiles based on key technographic and demographic variables.

Conducted with the National School Board Association, with underwriting from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, AT&T and PLATO Learning, we surveyed technology decision-makers in 811 school districts, including 90 of the top 100 largest.

Following are some examples of the key strategic questions addressed in this report:

  • How are schools actually using the Internet today?
  • What do schools most need from the Internet that they aren’t getting?
  • What kinds of online professional development are schools clamoring for, and where do they turn for help?
  • How are schools managing, maintaining and supporting their ever-growing technology infrastructures?
  • What’s the impact, if any, of the school-home connection, and how have parents influenced school technology purchases?
  • Are schools ready for wireless, handhelds and other new technologies? What’s their vision for their own technology’s future?
  • Who really has the final word on school Internet content and technology purchases? Is the decision-making process changing?

You can view our Table of Contents, List of Exhibits, or request a free preview of our survey results, or contact us to learn more about this ground-breaking report and how it can help your business.

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